Overview of the "Variants and Options" tab

In addition to basic data about products such as name, description, price, etc., it is possible to specify options and characteristics of the product.

On the site, by default, the product card is displayed like this

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In the product form, this information is indicated in the “Variants and properties” tab.

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Section “Product options”

A product variant is a variation of one product with certain characteristics.

For example, you sell T-shirts. Each one can be presented in red and green. The shirt also has a sizing line. The intersection of sizes and colors is a product option.

For example, a red T-shirt is an “S” size; green T-shirt - size “M”, etc.

Details about product options and their creation can be found at the link.

Product characteristics

Product characteristics are the properties that the product being sold has (for example, color, size, composition).

There are two types of product characteristics in the system.

  1. General characteristics - all products have. These include the weight and dimensions of the goods, manufacturer, country of origin.
  2. Characteristics of the commodity group. These are custom characteristics of the product, such as color or size. Characteristics refer to a product group - each product group can have its own set of characteristics. Suppose you sell T-shirts and backpacks. "T-shirts" will have characteristics - color, size and composition. “Backpacks” - volume and type. To separate these products, you can create two product groups with the same name and add characteristics to them.

Where are product characteristics entered?

To enter characteristics, go to the control panel, then to the “Catalogue” section, select the “Products” item.

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Select the product to which you want to add a characteristic by clicking on it.

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In the product form, go to the "Variants and options" tab.

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General characteristics

General characteristics include the following fields:

Let's take a closer look at each of the fields.

Weight and Dimensions