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How to add a product?

Go to the Backend, then in the left menu: Catalog section and click "Products":

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After you come on the Product's list click on the "Add" button:

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The product's form has 3 tabs: "General", "Variants and Options" and "Additionally". By default, the "General" tab is active:


Let's start with entering product title and description.:

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Enter the Selling price and the quantity you have. If you don't track product inventory - we will tell you how to turn it off on a group or system level:

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Upload one or more images. The first image will be used as the main image. You can sort images by dragging them:

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On the right side of the form, tick one (or more) categories that the product is related to. If you want the product to be displayed e.g. on the main page - tick appropriate collection:

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Hooray! We are almost finished. Just need to save the product and we are set! Click on one of the save buttons:

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After saving - go back to the list or continue editing the product.