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INTRODUCTION TO SEO: What is Title and Meta-description

Title is the title of the html page. The title can be seen in the top line of the browser, and it also appears in the search engine results.

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Title is a sentence that consists of the keywords of the page.

In search results, the title is most often a link to the site.

Meta-description is a brief description of the html page in the browser, which is displayed under the title in search engine results.

The description is in the HTML code of the page and is not displayed in the visible part of the site.

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Title and Description affect the selection of your product from the search results. The more people click on your site from the search results, the higher the position of your site.

To effectively fill in the Title and Description meta tags, you need to follow simple rules:

Title text length from 40 to 60 characters including spaces
Description text length from 120 to 155 characters including spaces
In the Description text, you need to use the product name from the regular title
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